Afghanistan Relief Appeal

After enduring four decades of devastating conflict, Afghanistan now confronts yet another crisis of its own making. Severe sanctions and the seizure of the nation's resources have plunged millions of its people into the depths of hunger.

The global community bears witness to the immense suffering experienced by Afghan families. Let us not stand idly by. Contribute to the comprehensive relief efforts of Our Ummah Trust in Afghanistan by making a donation today.


Winter Appeal 2023

The most challenging time of the year for families in need has descended upon us. As winter's harsh gusts and downpours set in, they bring along added layers of poverty and suffering. Elevated fuel expenses coupled with inadequate means to shield against the cold will push numerous families within the Ummah to their limits. The consequences, particularly for the vulnerable, such as the young and elderly, could be catastrophic.

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Founded in 2015, Our Ummah Trust is a UK-based charity committed to global initiatives for poverty and suffering relief and development.

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